Hey I'm Nicole and I'm a 17 year old girl living in the beautiful state of florida. I am obsessed with black guys and bath and body works. I love to party and I cannotfunction without coffee every morning. I am my own best friend and I fall for guys way too easily.People describe me as headstrong and high maintenance I love money way too much and I love myself way more than I should.



Q:natural hair color? A:brown
Q: Follow back? A:similar posts
Q: Follower count? A:XX,XXX
Q: Vote for me? A:always
Q: How do I be your BOTW? A:Ask
Q: Do you have a twitter? A:yeah
Q: Promo? A:Sometimes
Q: Single? A:No



Bridgit Mendler, tanning beds,spanish guys, starbucks, nicki minaj, victoria's secret, blonde bitches, krispy creme, God, wheat thins, penis, me, ben and jerry's, Nba, snooki, vodka, the beach, 6 packs, hair dye, acrylic nails, beyonce, lunchables.

my stats

>>ON: 17
>> GONE: 32,298
>>SINCE 12/10/12


Click one // Click one // click one // click one // click one // click one // click one // click one //
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